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Residential Training with Living Food Pioneers Youkta & Viktoras Kulvinskas



Divine Lifestyle Consultant and Cullinary School WILL RE-START ON APRIL 1, 2003. PLEASE SEND YOUR ENQUIRIES AND RESERVATIONS.

All Life Sanctuary Resort to L.O.V.E - I.N.G.

Longevity from Organic Vegan Enzymatic Indoor Nutraceutical Gardens

The Co-ed camp school will be re-start in April of 2003, with the following themes:

*Micro-agriculture and culinary arts --- hands-on-learn-by-doing; Our program stands out above the rest, based on over 35 years of experience, whereby therapeutic, and gourmet meals are created. We offer the F.U.N (Fast, Unusual, Natural) Food with a future.

*Divine LifeStyle Consultant and Self Healing. Learn how to help self and others. A personal consultation, will be made available to each one of the students.

If you wish to work with us in the final phase of set up, orchard, gardening and construction as well as web design, starting in year 2003, please contact us for brochure and program details.




Our new book, The Lover's Diet, is being updated and
will be published by 1st Book Library. The book is
based on our 30 years of research, living and
counseling within the Live Food lifestyles. After doing
the cleansing programs for years, we set out to search
for a satisfying program for building strength, gaining
lean muscle, improving performance, Youthing and Life
Extension. In the process; we came into a realization of
the true meaning behind
"Love Self and Love others as Yourself". The book will
help you to achieve your desires, whether for a leaner
body, more libido drive, dealing with addiction, spiritual
awareness, self realization - you will be simply
delighted in the progress you can make with our
guidelines ($15).

Many spiral bound reports have been created by
Viktoras with appropriate documentation from
nutritional research, providing a new wholistic model
that centers on enzymology, alkalinity, and plant - based
nutrition, with emphasis on live foods. It explains in
simple fashion the particular dis-ease and how you can
correct it.
Diabetes Type I and Type II ($10);
Cancer No More ($13);
Migraine & other Pain - Recovery ($6)
Weight Management, Loose 1 pound fat a day; gain 1
pound of lean muscle a week ($8),
as well as others.
Please add $3 for priority Shipping and handling for the
first book, add an extra $1 for each additional copy.

We are One ....
Love is All-WAYs

Viktoras and Youkta
PO Box 1556, Mt. Ida, AR 71957

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1 week training program ($1000) Handbook included.
The one week process of detox - which all will go through according to a schedule (while also studying the process). Daily exercise routine - learn to take home (basic - trampoline, extra light weight, more yoga and flex. "The Warun".. A take of on the Tibetan Rite of Rejuvenation. How to make your daily activities the source of exercise. The value of inversion)
1. What is a DLC. How to get clients and look business like. Working to help your own family. How not to be a pest.
2. What are the legalities as to law. Value of the certificate.
3. Health crises in USA and the needs for missionaries - the Essene Healing Ministry
4. Study of the Essene System
5. The Wholistic models as appear in Ayurvedic, Hippocrates, MD's of the past (Tilden), Surgeon General Report.
6. Theory of Dis-harmony - return to harmony.
7. Reference library, create the key books that are the basis for study and teaching, as well as consulting.
8. Fundamental needs of life -
a. Oxygenation - the basic nutrient needed for all energy delivery. How to Max out, how to increase, influence of diet, greens
b. pH (alkaline acid - how to measure, books)
c. Enzymology
d. Mineralogy - "We are a conglomerate of sea Cells"
e. The importance of rest, exercise, environment - and how to achieve the optimal attitude, stress management, visualization and positive thinking; Abraham philosophy
9. The importance of adjustments - spinal flex, yoga, reflexology, acupressure, schiatsu, body ball, hanging.
10. Self evaluation, body messages - Kinesiology, reflexology, tongue, physiognomy, palms, iris, fingernails, the story of urine, breath, odor
11. Who are we - look at astrology, numerology and palmistry
12. Setting up the 5 stage program into physical immortality
13. Key areas that are immediate for upgrade
14. How to set up a supplement program; how to set up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks?
15. Detox systems - diet upgrade, supplements, lifestyle upgrade, different forms of fasting (juice, wheatgrass, super foods, water, etc.)
16. GI tract and colon; elimination via the 4 systems. Why it can be more important than nutrition. How to poop.
17. Digestion. When is it safe to eat
18. Lymphatic system and blood system
19. Immune system
20. Fifteen reasons why to be a vegetarian (scientific, economic, humanitarian, spiritual ....)
21. Myths and Truths - what are they in the health field
22. Helpful Detox Tools - - controlling the discomforts, as the body starts the excess elimination of old stuff. The many stages of elimination. Understanding the Healing Crises - homeostasis; homeopathy, detox clinics ..
23. Why and How you can be almost 100% organic
24. Food combine - simplified, and the complex version - when problems arise
25. The Green Foods - algae and grasses.
26. Helpful tools - how to live in polluted air (filter, negative ions) water (filter, distiller), etc.
27. How to live in the world
28. What one can expect as they make changes.
29. How to see past the fads and see the trends, based on truth.
30. How to be happy - no matter what is going on.
31. Yes there is more

Living Foods Culinary School - 1 week training (Certificate) $800

Learn how to set up, organize, and manage a live food kitchen, with a month long structure, for scheduling ones meals. Manual is included.
1. Introduction to appliances - knifes, cut boards, juicers (types), blenders (types), food processors, grass juicers (electric, manual, stainless steel, Green Angel (TM)). What might be a minimal amount of appliances.
2. Shopping (mail, local farmers, natural, organic, coops, health stores, super market) Kinesiology (Vibrational), cleaning, storing,
3. Food: concentrates, seeds, grains. How anyone can have at least 90% of diet from organic - the rest via alternative sources.
4. The value of Organic - health vs. drugged disease; the cost, nutritional differences.
5. Organize and schedule food preparations and growing for the month by our system. Optimal use of time for maximum health experience.
6. Transition to live Foods - do a minimum of 50%, most can do it.
7. Value of meditation, prayers and emotional upgrade as a way of the live foods Szekely and Bhagavad-Gita
8. GROWING: fermentation, soaking, germination, sprouting, baby greens. Composting Soil and hydroponics growing.
9. Preparing: dehydrates (burgers, cookies, crackers, chips, candy, ferments; vegetables, fruit leather, granola...). How to color the dehydrates.
10. Pates - grain/seed; nut; seed;
11. Ferments - 3 layer, cheese, long dry seed loaf ferment, krauts, rejuvelac with variations.
12. Low fat, predigested high protein, enzymatic nut dressings
13. Avocado/oil dressings
14. Cold and warm enzymatic soups
15. Sea vegetable salads, stews
16. Raw pies, cookies and cakes - not deserts, but meals for those who can handle.
17. Pizza, ketchup, and many special dishes
18. Sprout based salads, dish layout and preparation
19. What to do with leftovers
20. How to organize the kitchen, refrigerator and seed storage.
21. How to set up meals in a matter of 10 minutes for a family of four. How to eat under stress. How to travel with your basic nutritional needs.
22. The fine art of cooking with different temperatures - so as to have optimal health. Why cooking can be OK for certain foods, how to do the least harm.
23. Whole Food Super foods - how to test them.
24. The Divine nature of live foods and how to use them for harmonizing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes