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Viktoras Kulvinskas
Readers Comments on Viktoras and his writings


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Readers Comments on Viktoras and his writings
Raw News 2003
Viktoras schedule for 2003
Youthing with Enzymes Systems (Y.E.S. is the Answer to Health)
Don't Dine Without Enzymes

Gabriel Cousens MD Viktoras is extremely dynamic as he shares his vast insights and delicious recipes in those rare videos. (Author)

Rev. Ann Wigmore: I am forever grateful for your companionship, assistance and contribution during the seven years we spend together in popularizing the wheatgrass therapy and going from vision to reality the live food and enzymatic nutrition. Your holy book has been an important key to the new age and wholistic healing (Hippocrates Health Institute)

Brian Clement Decades before trends began Viktoras pioneered the progressive health movement. With Ann Wigmore he co-founded the Hippocrates Health Institute.. Viktoras will give you the information you need to move forward. (Director)

"He actually vibrated, as if he were plugged into some high voltage current, and publicly, he seemed a little mad. In private he was rather engaging, and while single-handedly preparing a raw banquet for some 200 people, he mentioned to me that he had a book in the works "Survival Into the TwentyFirst Century." And that was all he would tell me at the time. The meal,however, was unexpectedly good... his book... rich in all the things one probably needs to survive, ...a kind of blueprint it is so beautifully done the Bible of the Aquarian Age. Truly you have created something the world needs."

Stanley Bass, D.C. "Your Survival is most stimulating, an encyclopedic and bold attempt at a whole integrated look at Man and the Universe. I'm recommending it to my patients."

Beatrice Hunter "This is a useful, well-researched booklet, well worth the investment."

Joel Gildersleeve I recently found your book Survival In The 21st Century" at a local second hand book store. If you actually read this it will be TRULY amazing to me because of this magic technology. I am 19 yrs old and am just beginning to scratch the surface on the treasure trove of knowledge and resources that I first found almost by accident in book stores and am now discovering on the MAGICAL WEB! I am very thankful to you for what TRUTHS you have already taught me and I know I have just begun my journey towards greater understanding of TRUTH and raw food and the world of health. If you read this I will be very grateful and even more grateful if you can give me any words of wisdom or more importantly, RESOURCE INFORMATION on great books, other web sites that spread TRUTH or even a response to this letter. I DO HAVE A VISION OF BEING AN ORGANIC FARMER IN THIS TIME OF ILLUSION.....Thank You and so long for now!.....:

Personal Healing Testimonials
Prostate and Weight Low: "I was full of pills, antibiotics and a catheter...! continued the therapy and after 12 days lost 30 pounds and removed the catheterNo operation necessary." See page 239.

Hypoglycemia: "Light-headedness, headaches, fatigue, depression, senility. 13 years of tranquilizers...After natural therapy I take no pills...! have unlimited strength." p.242

Menstruation: "The greatest value of your book was lifting my worry about the cessation of my period. After detoxification diet, all symptoms of menstruation ceased within 6 months." See pages 35 and 243.

High Blood Pressure and Gray Hair (Age 77): "While drinking wheatgrass. hair began to turn to original black colorHigh blood pressure gone down." See page 245.

Teeth, Pyorrhea (Age 29): "Doctors suggested teeth extraction. After trying wheatgrass, puss gone, front teeth tight and body odor cleaned up." See page 246.

Cancer: "Thirty-day cobalt treatment leading to pain and bleeding and hourly evacuation necessary...After wheatgrass, bowel movements became normal and pain ceased." See page 246.

Arthritis (Age 68): "Sufferer goes on wheatgrass 42-day fast and clears up protein deficiency, muscular attrition, liver disturbance and osteoporosis of the spine." See page 238.

Paralyses and Shattered Disk and Non-Functioning Elimination: "According to doctors, by now 1 should be capable of lifting, painfully, a few pounds. Instead, in the desert I had to carry 90-pound rocks to put inside my tent to fasten it down in the 100 m.p.h. winds.... I can do all the yoga postures, even handstands." See page 303.

WRITE-UP on Viktoras

Viktoras can be found in The Heart of Greatness - Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Success (1997) and Wheatgrass , Natural Finest Medicine (1998) - the complete guide to using grasses to rejuvenate your health - by Steve Meyerowitz. Raw Knowledge; Enhance The Powers of Your Mind, Body, and Soul Paul Nison (5/2002); Aperture (2003,; Viktoras/Hippocrates). Viktoras had articles on him in last few years, in SPIN 2000 Survival Into 21st Century. ... is the Das Kapital of the modern raw-food movement, outlining the forces in science and history that leads inescapably to the uncooked diet., Magical Blend, Living Nutrition and other publications.

"Much space is dedicated to healing, everything from
enemas to iridology. Heal yourself, heal friends. It's
adventure and is soul satisfying. SURVIVAL tells about
more than just massage. There's the danger of haircuts,
learning to live off only pure air and sunlight.and how to
survive a nuclear holocaust. This book is entertaining and
authoritative, presenting New Age lifestyles, scientific
reasoning, lot for Aquarian living. Natural Life Styles Magazine.

David Wolf (Natures First Law): Viktoras is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Seeing and listening to him speak is like reading a fascinating book (Author)

National Health Federation "Thank you. Viktoras Kulvinskas. for adding joy and health knowledge to our library Vow teachings, love and support will guide people to a better understanding of themselves and they will find truth in the wisdom of your pages." Stephanie Shane.

Rodale (Organic Gardening) "Viktoras...fascinated the audience with his ideas for healthier diet...I tasted 'sunflower lettuce'...delicious." Jeff Cox.

Ernest Krebs, Jr. D.S.C. (Laetrile co-discoverer) "Valuable contribution to the literature of nutritionValuable addition to my library... Excellent reference."

Ruth Rogers, M.D. "This is the most informative and instructive book on sprouts...One of the best health measures and treatments is raw foods, especially sprouts."

Dr. Bernard Jensen. N.D. (Noted iridologist) "Thank you very much for the book. I certainly am enjoying it and 1 appreciate your mentioning me. All best for your continued success."

Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Irons(Vice Chairman: Board of Governors. National Health Federation) "are very much impressed with your book, Survival. Will you quote a price on a minimum of 10 books?" Please let me know and we will place the order from this office." C.W. Dahlin.

Uri Geller (Master of psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance) "They are some of the most informative books I have ever read on the subject."

Mary Latane (87-year-old youth) "Cleansing from holiday spree is making me see how much God loves his Son. Want to let you know your splendid book. Survival Into the 21st Century, and the Bible are my guide lights. Thank you for being you and helping me."

Bosley Hiss "What a holy book you have written. Words fail us, buve and understanding, biological supremacy
of women, and more. SURVIVAL is clear and easy to
understand. I enjoyed its completeness and usefulness as a
manual, and have consulted it often. It has listed addresses
of health resorts... etc." Alternatives.

"Hi Brother Thanks for "Survival." It's time for things to be more accepted in the South. Still a lot of educating
needs to happen - and it will. In our publication we might
do articles on cancer, meat, and menstruation as spoken of
in your book - trying to interest a lot of folks... so many
people are ready to learn of the benefits of raw foods.
WELL-BEING, San Diego, California.

National Health Federation "Thank you. Viktoras Kulvinskas. for adding joy and health knowledge to our library Vow teachings, love and support will guide people to a better understanding of themselves and they will find truth in the wisdom of your pages." Stephanie Shane.

College Student 2003: I truly feel that you have helped me in ways I really cannot explain. I love what you express in your writings. You have a great outlook on life and you do what you feel. You are a very special person Viktoras and thank you for sharing your views and teachings with me. I will continue to read your books throughout my life, because it puts a smile on my face when I do. Thank you for letting me meet the person (you) who has made me feel and see beautiful and wondrous things.

Raw Lecture 2003 I've met you at a few different places up here in the Pacific North West over the past few years. The most recent was at the last raw food fest in Portland. Every time I here you speak I feel your Higher self (spirit) Speak directly to me. I GET YOUR MESSAGE! Daniel G.

Lecture/Books: I was blessed to hear you speak this summer in Portland, OR. I have been raw since June 1st, 2002. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration that you are. I also would like to order two books; "Surviving into the 21st Century", and "Lovers Diet". Please charge to my visa .

Still Rereading Survival: Brother Kulvinskas, I have read Survival...... at least 25 times over the
last 23 years. Would you be so kind and generous with your time that I may be illuminated to Blue Green Algae. Thank you.......btw I have practiced that which you wrote about in your book 2002

Australia: 'Survival 21' was like manna from heaven when I found it on a friend's shelf.
Do you have an Australian sales outlet or affiliated intentional communities? 2003

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