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Don't Dine Without Enzymes

(part 2)

Dr. Edward Howell was the first nutritional scientist to develop a large experimental and theoretical body of work aimed at answering the complex and critically important question, "What is the connection between food or supplement-based enzyme intake, health, disease and longevity?"
Howell devoted his entire adult-life to conducting numerous animal and human experiments in his attempt to strengthen the theory that food enzyme deficiencies promote disease and premature aging whereas enzyme-rich diets promote good health and longevity. To this end, his book, The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism cited over 400 research papers, which in his day represented the cutting edge of science at the time of its publication. Modern researchers have yet to fully comprehend the implications of this great work. As Dr. Howell once said, " To say that the body can easily digest and assimilate cooked foods may some day prove to be the most grievious oversight yet committed by science."
Dr. Howell theorized that on a largely cooked, low-enzyme diet, the digestive system borrows enzymes from the body's general metabolic enzyme pool to help digest enzymeless cooked food. Howell emphasized that the consequences of this adaptive measure was great in that diverting enzymes from one system to another eventually weakened the functioning of these other systems and the body in general.
For example, he argued that the immune system was compromised due to gradual enzyme deficiency and that this set the stage for numerous health problems such as allergies, cancer and diabetes. If he were alive today, Howell would undoubtedly include AIDS to this list.
In treating his patients, Dr. Howell initially prescribed raw food diets but soon found this to be impractical as far as the will-power required to stay on such a regime. However by 1932, he had already developed a plant-based enzyme supplement designed to replace the enzymes lost in a typical cooked food diet.
Dr. Howell discovered that enzyme supplements from plant sources were uniquely effective. Below are just a few of some of Howell's basic concepts. For a more complete discussion, please consult the book Enzymes for Health and Longevity:
1. Food enzymes are essential nutrients.
2. Being more fragile to the effects of heat than
vitamins and minerals, food enzymes are
destroyed by the high temperature of cooking.
3. When food is chewed and swallowed in its raw
natural state, enzymes immediately go to work
in the upper cardiac portion of the stomach.
4. Eating a low enzyme, cooked food diet increases
the size of the pancreas, a sign that this organ is
being overworked. He further hypothesized
that this condition is a precursor to various
forms of dysfunction such as hypoglycemia,
diabetes and metabolic imbalances.
5.A deficiency of food enzymes in the diet gives
rise to "digestive leukocytosis", (excess
white cells in the digestive system and blood)
which is not the case when raw, high- enzyme foods are eaten.

Experiment One- If you chew a slice of bread long enough, the starch will be converted to the sweet-tasting form of sugar called maltose by the action of ptyalin enzymes in the mouth.
Experiment Two - Take one cup of cooked rice and blend it with just enough warm water to make it into a cream. Let the batch cool down to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Open one capsule of aspergillus plant enzymes, pour the powder into the batch and blend. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. You will discover that the rice will turn to sweet custard. This is the action of the amylase enzymes in the capsule on the starch in the rice. The amylase enzymes transform the starch into several forms of simple sugar. In your body, taking food enzyme capsules with a meal of cooked rice will produce the same results in your stomach.
Experiment Three - Prepare Jello as is directed as per the instructions except pour the Jello-to-be liquid into two separate containers. One container will be "the experiment" and the other container will be "the control". ( Don't you feel like a real scientist by now?!) Let both the containers that are filled with "unjelled" Jello to cool down to body temperature. In the experimental container, mix in the powder from one capsule of aspergillus plant enzymes. Refrigerate both containers. The container with the enzymes will not solidify into Jello because the gelatin protein has been digested by the action of the protease protein enzymes in the capsule. The last step in the experiment is to throw out the Jello because it is a junk food!

The above experiments give you an idea of how digestive enzymes do their work. However, in the human body, there are more types of enzymes than just digestive enzymes. In fact, there are thousands of different enzymes, so many that one cannot separate enzyme activity with the process of life itself. From moving a muscle to blinking an eye, no biological work can be accomplished independent of enzymes.
(I hope you're beginning to believe me by now!)
Enzymes can be grouped in three main categories. The first category are digestive enzymes, which the digestive system collects, manufactures and secretes to break down food. Examples of digestive enzymes are protease, which digests protein; amylase, which digests starch; and lipase, which digests fat. Each enzyme almost always has only one specific function which it carries out. For example, the enzyme protease only digests protein. The enzyme amylase only digests starches.
The second type of enzymes are metabolic enzymes, which are present in every cell, tissue and organ and act as biochemical catalysts in the second-to-second functioning of living cells. The metabolic antioxidant enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which is present in all cells, reduces free radical damage, thus retards the aging process. Raw foods, especially sprouts and algae, are rich in SOD.
The third type of enzymes are food enzymes , which come from raw, uncooked foods. The process of enzymatic digestion begins when you masticate your food in your mouth. When you chew, you not only mix the enzyme ptyalin from your salivary glands into the food but allow the food-based enzymes present in the food to be released onto itself. This occurs from the moment that you rupture the cell walls of the food with your teeth.
Most fresh, well-grown produce has at least enough enzymes to digest the specific amount of protein, starch or fat found in the food itself. As a general rule, the higher the caloric content of an uncooked food, the more enzymes "Nature" will have put in the food to handle the exact amount of nutrients present. Nature is so considerate and thoughtful, don't you think?
So, foods high in protein will have a high amount of protease or protein-digesting enzyme. Examples are blue green algae and sunflower seeds. Foods such as whole oats have a high amount of amylase or starch-digesting enzymes. Foods such as avocados and nuts has naturally-occurring lipase or fat-digesting enzymes. Nature is so balanced- I wish I could balance my checkbook as easily!

The editor of the Scottish Medical Journal (1966) wrote that "probably nearly half of our daily production of protein in the body are enzymes." In ways, our bodies are like big enzyme factories.
There is strong evidence that the body seeks to conserve its digestive enzymes. In the prestigious scientific journal Science, Liebow and Rothman (1975) describe an experiment in which it was found that pancreatic enzymes given by mouth can be absorbed intact from the gut, transported through bloodstream and then be re-secreted into the duodenum by the pancreas. If only my home's heating system would be as efficient!
There is an antagonistic relationship between the demands of the digestive system for a continual supply of enzymes and the need of the organs, glands and immune system for enzymes with which to do its work. The competition for enzyme resources can easily be relieved by the consumption of food-soured enzymes.
Dr. Guyton's authoritative Textbook of Medical Physiology (1986) states that the pancreas, stomach and possibly other organs secrete specific digestive enzymes according to the type and quantity of food present.
The ingestion of plant enzymes may have a saving effect on the body's own digestive enzymes, possibly aiding cell and organ regeneration by digesting the foods which normally would have required the body's own pancreatic enzymes.

When one were to analyze the bloodstream of newborns and elderly persons, there would not be very much difference in the comparative blood levels of most vitamins and minerals in the infant and the old person. Amazingly however, there is over one hundred times more enzymes present in the bloodstream of a newborn than that of an elderly person! This is to me is a mind-boggling fact that almost makes the enzymes floating in my own bloodstream take a deep breath and ponder this startling fact!
If this is true, can we then not look at premature old age, or for that matter, the aging process itself, as a biological condition with a major characteristic being a pronounced enzyme deficiency? According to Dr. Humbart Santillo, "enzyme deficiencies account for more disease than all other diseases combined." At this point I ask to reader to follow the trail of my deductive reasoning "down a theoretical river"... but I will not ask you to jump in with me unless you want to!
OK, here we go: In my own experience working as a nutritional consultant, as well as my ever- increasing understanding of the medical literature, most forms of cancer are preceded by many years of indigestion. Chronic severe indigestion leads to functional pancreatic breakdown and the inability to handle protein digestion. One of the effects of the pancreas not working efficiently is that the bloodstream is flooded with incompletely metabolized proteins. This condition has been strongly linked to the development of allergies and cancer. Dr. Howell had great success reversing allergies by enzyme supplementation. Dr. William Kelly has successfully used supplemental pancreatic enzymes to reverse even so-called "terminal cancer."
The excess intake of cooked fats leads to the exhaustion of the body's ability to manufacture sufficient amounts of lipase, or fat, enzymes. This in turn can lead to obesity, adult onset diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Eskimos can eat up to a pound of lipase-rich raw blubber a day each and every day and not have any signs or symptoms of cardiovascular disease. However, when Eskimos began to cook their fats like Westerners, they began to suffer from the same degenerative diseases of Western cultures.
The National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse in Bethesda, Maryland published these 1993 statistics for the U.S., as follows: 116,609 digestive system cancer deaths; 20 million cases of gallstones; 66 million reports of "heartburn" each month; 20 million cases of irritable bowel syndrome; 191,311 total deaths due to digestive diseases; 22.3 million work-loss days due to chronic indigestion; 9 million work-loss days due to acute indigestion; 4.5 million hospitalizations due to indigestion; 13% of total hospitalizations due to digestive disorders; 5.8 million digestive system surgeries and 7% of the total number of surgeries performed were digestive system related.
Indigestion brings in its odorous trail a host of symptoms and discomforts such as heartburn, gas, bloatedness, nausea, burping, bad breath, body odors, headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia, nightmares, allergies, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, cramps, spasms, skin problems, acne, pimples, food allergies, antacid dependency, post-meal mental fatigue, lack of concentration, memory loss and nervousness.
I wish I could say that the situation was getting better. Though some people are healing themselves with enzymes and other natural methods, the number of people getting sick far outstrip those that are getting healthier. With all our medical sophistication, much of what passes as health care is only a reaction to disease processes that have been set in motion long ago by our nutrition and lifestyle habits.
The diseases that become manifest are but the end-result of our own actions. "Big Business" food manufacturers are feeding the causes of these largely unnecessary diseases by providing us with increasing amounts of unhealthy dead and dying processed foods. And an uneducated public continues to swallow it all down, victims of their own lack of knowledge of what is really going on. The cost of all this is astronomical- not only in terms of money but in the unmeasured cost to the reduced quality of human life.
So if you already have health problems, I advise that you consult a qualified, nutritionally-oriented health professional. It may be equally wise that you consider plant enzyme supplementation whether or not your practitioner is aware of its benefits. It has been my experience working with thousands of individuals that most people benefit immediately by consuming plant food enzymes along with modifications in their dietary intake in the direction of natural foods

This section is brief because Dr. Howell's powerful words say it all:
"There is no other mechanism in the body except enzyme action to protect the body from any hazard. It is ambiguous to say that "nature cures" when we must know that the only machinery in the body to do anything is enzyme action. Hormones do not work. Vitamins cannot do any work. Minerals were not made to do any work. Proteins cannot work. Nature does not work. Only enzymes are made for work. So it is enzymes that 'heal'. Therefore, the ability of the body to make any of the numerous enzymes needed for good health and long life must be kept at a high level by the methods incorporated in the Food Enzyme Concept."

Animal-based enzymes work very powerfully on food when the optimal acid-alkaline (pH) environment that these animal-based enzymes require are present. What animal enzyme manufacturers and those that prescribe these products do not tell you is that the optimal conditions that are necessary for animal-based enzymes to work optimally do not correspond to the actual "in vivo" (in the body) conditions of the human gastro-intestinal track. Outside of this narrow, optimal range, animal enzymes do not work as well as aspergillus plant-based enzymes.
Pepsin, which only digests protein, is taken from pig carcasses and works if and only if the acid environment stomach reaches a pH of 3 or less. This is not always the case, especially in people who would need supplemental pepsin in the first place.
Pancreatin, which is taken from the cow carcasses, works best in the neutral or slightly alkaline environment of the duodenum at a pH of between 7.8 and 8.3. These conditions are also not always present.
In contrast, plant-based aspergillus oryzae enzymes, function well in the wide pH range actually found in the human gastro-intestinal track.
Aspergillus oryzae plant enzymes are active in the stomach during the first 30 to 60 minutes of the meal. When the acidity of the lower (pyloric) stomach climbs, the aspergillus enzymes are temporarily inactivated. However, when the food passes into the alkaline environment of the duodenum, aspergillus becomes re-activated again.
Aspergillus can be taken by capsule, dissolved in water or some other beverage, or sprinkled on the food on your plate. When aspergillus is sprinkled on food, its mild, chalky taste does not alter the desired taste of your food. Animal-based enzymes, however, have a pungent taste and foul smell and cannot be sprinkled on food without destroying the taste of the food. Animal-based enzymes can only be taken in capsules or tablets.

Less than one fifth of all medical schools in the United States teach even the elementary aspects of nutrition. Of those that do teach it, the true role of food enzymes are rarely if ever taught. According to the prevailing accepted dictum, enzymes found in foods are destroyed by the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and are of virtually no use in the digestive economy. However, Dr. Howell has shown that as soon as a particular food is masticated in the mouth, the enzymes begin to digest the food. This has been confirmed by Finnish Nobel Prize winner Artturi Virtanen.
When the food reaches the first part of the stomach, (upper cardiac stomach) the food enzymes are still actively working. It takes up to 30 minutes for the hydrochloric acid level to rise to the critical level where the acidity of the hydrochloric acid could inactivate the food enzymes in the food. Until this level is reached, enzymes are still working. What is more, not all foods stimulate hydrochloric acid production appreciably. Foods like fruit, sprouts, grasses and many raw vegetables do not cause hydrochloric acid production to increase rapidly or in any great quantity. In this environment enzymes present in food have a longer time to do their work. According to Howell, even though saliva enzymes shut off in the presence of acid, food enzymes are not markedly disturbed.

Organic minerals and vitamins are sometimes bound to enzymes which are integrated into the enzyme structure and referred to as co-enzymes. According to Dr. Maynard Murray, M.D., every naturally-occurring organic mineral found in the body should be considered essential for optimal health. Minerals are essential for the working of enzymes and enzymes are essential for the working of minerals.
A few examples: If a certain enzyme is lacking an essential co-factor mineral such as zinc, then the enzyme cannot successfully activate the Vitamin A to do its work.
If a co-factor of Vitamin C lacks the proline hydroxylase enzyme, this will lead to impaired collagen synthesis which will profoundly affect muscle recovery and wound healing. Co-enzymes give the enzymes the high energy power to do their work.
Medical researcher Dr.Hagivara M.D. concludes: "Modern science has made it clear that all chemical changes within the cells of man are performed by the action of enzymes. It has been found that minerals have much to do with the activities of enzymes. In that sense, minerals can be said to be enzymes for the enzymes."
Super Blue Green Alpha Sun Algae has the highest total mineral concentration of all greens as well as the widest range of co-enzyme minerals and vitamins. When "married" to aspergillus enzymes, the partnership creates a synergy of nutritional wealth that far exceeds their separate potencies.

Most children have strong digestive systems. However, the fact that they can digest less-than- optimal cooked foods does not automatically make these foods ideal for the future unfoldment of their maximum health potential. Sure, kids will digest the foods served them and still be full of youthful energy, but the same health principles hold for children as they do for adults, namely, that the process of aging is accelerated when enzyme reserves are squandered by the burden of digesting excessive amounts of cooked food.
So the answer is "yes", children can and should use plant enzymes, especially if the child has a weak constitution and/or a history of health problems. Wise parents can avoid future health problems such as allergies and frequent colds by keeping their digestion as strong as possible- with the use of plant enzyme supplementation and as much uncooked food you can get down them!

For those people who are under medical care who are also taking oral medications of any kind, to avoid any inactivation of the enzymes by your medications, it is suggested that you do the following: Sprinkle plant enzyme powder on the food itself instead of taking the capsules or powder directly into your body. Make sure, however, that the food has cooled down a bit or else the enzyme powder will be damaged by the high heat of your food. In this way, the pre-digestive action of the enzymes will work directly on the food and not have to come in contact with the drugs that may be in your stomach.


"For I tell you truly, live only by the fire of life, and prepare not your foods with the fire of death, which kills your
foods, your bodies, and your souls also."
Jesus, Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1

A new breed of medical researchers have rejected the still taught but erroneous belief that food enzymes and enzyme supplements are destroyed by stomach acids before they confer useful biological work to the organism. These pioneers understand that enzyme supplements are a critical part of disease prevention and for this reason alone are important elements to be included in the daily diet.
In the textbook Enzymes in Health and Disease, co-edited by Dr. David Greenberg Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of California School of Medicine at San Francisco, this editor suggests that for optimal health, longevity and the reduction of many of the diseases of old age, the use of proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes should begin about the age of forty and should optimally continue for the rest of the life-span.
In a similar vein, Dr. Max Wolf, M.D., in his book Enzyme Therapy , strongly endorses the use of the plant-based enzymes. Dr. Wolf states: "Indigestion due to greasy foods is common... Plant-based enzymes are helpful for weak digestion common in old age, or for digestive disturbances. Enzymes are helpful with large rich meals or hard to digest foods. Preparations fortified with plant lipase, prevent post-prandial (after eating) discomfort or gallbladder attacks."
If the food we eat is rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it will add to our lives. If it is deficient in any of these elements, this will take away from the total life-force available to us. Vitamins, minerals and hormones cannot work without the presence of enzymes. According to Dr. Henning Karstrom, Swedish raw food therapy authority, " Even though one may get all the 50 plus known nutrients in one's diet- i.e. vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fatty acids, etc. one's health will still suffer unless you also include large quantities of uncooked and unprocessed foods."
Dr. Peter R. Rothchild M.D., a world-renown researcher who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986 writes: "Evidence of the effectiveness of enzymes taken orally is beginning to overcome skeptics. Much of the evidence comes from many studies performed in West Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Italy and Mexico. Many of these studies show proteolitic enzymes, when taken orally, demonstrate benefits against circulating immune complexes, rheumatic disorders and auto-immune diseases. More recently, studies conducted with antioxidant enzymes are beginning to objectively confirm clinical success in veterinary and medical practices."

Enzymes are without a doubt the most important and most overlooked elements in nutrition today. A deficiency of but one enzyme may cause the malfunctioning of an entire metabolic chain reaction in the body, thereby preventing some vital function from unfolding.
And what is more vital than the unfolding of life itself?: In the September 1991 issue of Time, the article entitled "Curing Infertility." reports the work of researchers who have pinpointed why some sperm cannot penetrate the ovum. Want to guess? Yes, you're right? A missing enzyme in the sperm. Talk of "getting a life with enzymes" is empty saying!!
The solution to the infertility problem that the researchers are using is to inject these weak sperms into the egg by way of a syringe. This strategy may work for the short-term goal of fertilization but does not address the problem of what set up the enzyme deficiency in the first place. This booklet has addressed itself to the mechanisms by which enzyme deficiencies come about.

When you fast or go on a liquid diet of raw fruit and vegetable juices, your digestive system no longer has to produce enzymes. According to what Dr. Howell's refers to as the "law of adaptive secretion," the enzymes that are no longer invested into digesting food can now be utilized by the general metabolic pool. These enzymes are now free to repair and rejuvenate the tissues and organs that need attention in other parts of the body.
Many a seriously ill person has surprised family, friends and doctors by healing themselves of so-called incurable diseases when they adopted a total life-enhancing regime that included a high enzyme diet, sufficient rest, appropriate exercise, positive mental attitude and a conducive social and physical environment.
For a person who is "run-down" and toxic, it is not impossible to adopt such a program at home, but for those that are sick, the supervision of a competent health professional is strongly advised. One can also travel to the health centers that specialize in educating and/or healing people who are dedicated to regaining their health. A few places in Europe include the Bircher-Benner Clinic in Switzerland, Joseph Issel's Ringberg Clinic in West Germany and Dr. Essen's Vita Nova in Sweden. In the United States, Hippocrates Health Institute of West Palm Beach, Florida provides a beautiful residential setting where one can "learn by doing."

Most health practitioners would agree that a diet consisting of up to ten pounds of meat and animal fat each day is harmful. However, primitive Greenland Eskimos who followed this diet for generations did not suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart trouble or kidney stones! How is this possible? Greenland Eskimos eat their food raw and/or slightly fermented! The word "Eskimo" when translated, means, "he who eats it raw."
Dr. William A. Thomas of the MacMillan Arctic Expedition of 1926 wrote: "Eskimos live on an exclusively meat and fish diet, all usually and preferably eaten in the raw. .. There was no unusual prevalence of renal and vascular disease. However, the Eskimos that began living mostly on cooked foods, their health changed... Cancer and heart disease appeared and their longevity was reduced 50%.

Vibrant, healthy cells have high enzyme activity levels. Enzymes are the "spark of life" and are what makes living cells and tissues alive. It is dubious wisdom (foolish) to expect energy and aliveness from life and then go about eating all that is dead and lifeless. Dr. Francis Pottenger's famous ten year study showed just that.
He fed cats an enzyme-rich diet and maintained health and vigor throughout several generations. The cats that were fed a diet consisting of at least 80% cooked food exhibited evidence of degenerative disease. Pottenger's data supported Howell's theories that raw food contains vital factors no longer present in cooked food.
The S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) has a much higher percentage of cooked and processed foods, hence it does not come as a surprise to see that over 70% of Americans are suffering from some form of incurable disease.
Another medical researcher, Dr. Paul Kauchakoff, MD., experimented with the effects of cooked and raw foods on the bloodstreams of humans. Dr. Kauchakoff found that eating cooked foods caused an immediate increase in the leukocyte (white blood) cell count in the bloodstream whereas the same food eaten raw did not change blood physiology.
Before this important experiment, medical dictum taught that it was a normal physiological event for leukocytes to increase in the blood and migrate to the intestines as soon as food entered the mouth. The strongest hypothesis formulated to explain this phenomenon is that in the body's wisdom, white blood cells collect enzymes from the body's enzyme reserves and migrate to the digestive system to aid in the digestion of the cooked food. Every cooked meal can then be seen as a significant stress on the immune system, speeding the exhaustion of enzymes and ultimately shortening your life.
Dr. Howell points out that present-day cooked food eaters have enlarged pancreas. Dr. Schaefer of the Mayo Foundation studied Malay and Filipino populations and confirmed this fact. These native people's diets consisted largely of cooked rice, which they ate three times daily. Their pancreases were found to be 25% to 50% heavier than Occidentals when relative body weight was factored in to make the comparison scientifically meaningful. It is a well-known occurrence that organ enlargement often precedes organ exhaustion. It is theorized that in the populations studied, organ enlargement occurred because the pancreas, being one of our chief enzyme factories, became overworked and swollen in the tiring, day-in, day-out labor of collecting and manufacturing enzymes for three cooked, high starch meals a day.
In l915, in his book, The Science of Eating, author Alfred McCann reported a fascinating event that illustrates what happens when one eats an all-cooked food diet. This true tale involved the German cruiser Kronprintz Wilhelm, the pride ship of the German Navy that was staffed with the healthiest crew of all the German fleet.
On August 3, 1914, the ship Wilhelm departed from Hoboken, New Jersey. The ship never touched shore for a period of nine months following. In this period it sent fourteen British and French merchant vessels to their watery graves.
Wilhelm's Captain would board the ships before sinking them, order their crews to life-boats, and then proceeded to confiscate all the foodstuffs and fuel. The crew then dined exclusively on pasteurized dairy products, breads, cooked rice, pastry, canned meats and vegetables, biscuits, desserts, beer and champagne.
This "dietary program" lasted 255 days. When the ship docked at Newport, Rhode Island, the crew looked more like hospital patients than young sailors. Every one of the five hundred members of the crew was listless and sick. The men suffered from pneumonia, pleurisy, rheumatism, constipation, diarrhea and colitis. Other conditions included gastric and duodenal ulcers, prostration, extreme paleness, dilation of the pupils, shortness of breath, swollen ankles, pains in arms and legs, symptoms of paralysis, dilated hearts, atrophy of the muscles, anemia, decay of bones and teeth, trench mouth and general inflammation of the body.
Prominent physicians were consulted. Numerous test failed to pinpoint the cause of the epidemic. McCann brashly informed the assembly of medical men that the crew was paying the price of violating nature's law of partaking of only cooked foods for such a long period of time. He recommended generous amount of raw foods. After all the other methods failed, Dr. Perrenon, the Chief Medical Officer, reluctantly and out of desperation conceded and took McCann's recommendation.
After the inclusion of fresh fruit and vegetables to the diet, overnight the health of these navy men began to improve. Within ten days, nearly half of the patients in the ship's hospital ward were released. Others improved with more time.

The immune system is the first line of defense in protecting the body from external invaders. The strength of the immune system is dependent to a large degree on the presence of adequate amounts of enzymes, vitamins and minerals as well as the overall quality of the diet.
Allergies are among the most common and costly of all health problems, afflicting an estimated 37 million people at a cost in excess of over 1.5 billion dollars a year. Nine percent of all patients seeking medical care at a physician's office do so for allergies.(Asthma and other Allergic Diseases, NIAID, NIH Publ. No 79-387, 5/79)
Allergies can be caused by an innumerable variety of substances, including food, pollen, dust, molds, drugs, cosmetics, toiletries, fabrics, poison ivy, etc. These allergens can enter your body through your food, the air, your skin and even via medical injections.
Food allergies evoke a wide variety of symptoms, including fatigue, nervous tension, headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion, runny nose, itching, rashes, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
Foods high on the allergy list are milk, wheat, corn, eggs, seafood and chocolate. Many people are also allergic to berries, citrus and tomatoes.
It is possible to be allergic to any food, including whole natural foods. However, I have observed that many people who were allergic to unsoaked or cooked seeds, nuts and grains are no longer allergic to them when they are sprouted or soaked.
Why does this positive change take place?- the enzymes in these foods become enlivened with the sprouting process. The complex allergenic elements of these foods (i.e. gluten in wheat) become pre-digested and/or neutralized by the action of these enzymes.
Many foods contain these hard-to-digest elements. If there happens to be leakage in the gastrointestinal track (usually from the intestines into the blood), the already stressed-out immune system will not be able to deal with these undigested food elements and foreign proteins floating around. An allergic reaction ensues! In a non-stressed out immune system, the blood has scavenging digestive enzymes to clean up the blood.
The allergic reaction itself is the body's way to eliminate the allergen out of the system. If the allergic reactions are suppressed by medication, then the body is forced to store the allergens in the body. The long-term effect of suppression is the eventual development and manifestation of degenerative disease.
Dr. Howell cited experiments that showed that bacteria, yeast cells, large protein molecules and fats can slip through the walls of the intestines and into the bloodstream. He further demonstrated that protective enzymes in the bloodstream break down these substances and absorb or neutralize them. In this connection, it was also found that if enzyme levels were too low, allergies developed. When supplemental enzymes were administered and the measured enzyme level in the blood had significantly increased, the allergies disappeared.
Dr. Granville Knight M.D., in an article entitled, Physical Degeneration and the Allergic Diathesis," examines the impact of inadequate nutrition on the development of the allergic state. He presents a strong argument for the relationship between soil erosion, demineralization and a "chemicalized society" all of which has contributed to a biological degeneration of the species.(Pomerado Medical-Dental Center, Poway, CA).
Dr. Cory Resnick, in Plant Enzyme Therapy , discusses practical approaches in treatment of food allergies: "By digesting dietary protein, plant enzymes administered orally at mealtime work to decrease the supply of antigenic macro-molecules available to leak into the bloodstream. In addition, orally administered plant enzymes which have themselves absorbed intact may help to 'digest' antigenic dietary proteins which they encounter in the bloodstream." (1992 Pizzomo & Murray)
Many clients get excellent results with a wide range of food-related allergies by eating Super Blue Green Algae. Considering the fact that many allergies are due to some form of protein-related indigestion and algae is very high in protease, this algae acts as a digestive agent to break down the allergy-causing protein. Super Blue Green Algae also has so much nutritional wealth to offer that it makes an excellent addition for any allergy program.

Feeling energetic and alive is a result of your creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of the major factors that contribute to health are adequate oxygenation of tissues (primarily by way of exercise), making sure your digestion is strong by eating a predominantly whole food diet (with an emphasis on uncooked foods and enzyme supplementation), sufficient rest, and the cultivation of peace of mind. If as a society we were really healthy, then the need to "self-medicate" with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine would evaporate.
Oxygen is needed for all chemical reactions in the body. We cannot get along even for a moment without adequate oxygen. By eating a diet rich in fresh greens and blue green algae, we receive large amounts of dietary chlorophyll. This chlorophyll increases oxygen transport to cells by way of increasing hemoglobin levels. In addition, green foods are almost always alkaline to the body. Increasing the alkaline reserve can amplify the electro-potential energy on the cellular level and pass on this energy to your muscles and vital organs.
Chemical energy is stored in a molecule known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). By way of enzymatic action, food is transformed into energy and then stored in the ATP molecules in our cells. The less efficient is our digestion, the less ATP energy will be created. Furthermore, when digestion is inefficient, fermenting and putrefying food has to be neutralized by our immune system, which requires ATP energy to "clean up."
Man-made foods of civilization have a tendency to be acid-forming. The waste products of normal metabolism are also acid. To counter-balance our tendency to become too acid, most people need to eat more alkaline foods. If this balance is not created, then their alkaline and enzyme reserves drop to such low levels that even stimulants that used to work to provide "energy" fail to "kick in." Eventually, chronic fatigue creates the biological conditions that increase the incidence of the major degenerative diseases that we typically see in our society.
When you change your diet by adding more whole, uncooked foods, supplemental enzymes, blue green algae, etc., your body will have the power to detoxify cellular wastes that have been stored away. Though some people experience transient uncomfortable symptoms in this transition, with proper guidance and an understanding of what is happening, you will soon be happier, healthier and more energetic. Trust me on this one. Better still, write or call me.

Free radicals are not hold-over from the 60's, but are highly reactive, electrically imbalanced molecules that damage other cells by trying to unite with them- sort of sexual harassment on the cellular level. When this happens the cell wall is ruptured and the contents of the cells spills out and create a cascade of reactions that cause more free radicals to form.
Free radical formation is not always pathological but are natural events that occur in the process of living. Eating poor foods and living an unhealthy lifestyle can increase free radical formation, however. Our body manufactures special antioxidant enzymes for the removal of free radicals before they create cellular damage (i.e. Superoxide Dismutase).
In youth, cells are able to produce sufficient amounts of the metabolic enzymes Superoxide Dismutase and catalase, which enable your cells to defend themselves by neutralizing free radical damage. The eating of grasses, Super Sprouts and Super Blue Green Algae will boost the immune system with antioxidants and help reduce the wear and tear of aging due to an overload of free radicals.

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Victor P. Kulvinskas, M.S.
*Practitioner in the Wholistic field for 23 years.
* College math instructor at University of Connecticut
* Ten years, computer consultant at Harvard, MIT, Apollo, Project and the Smithsonian Institute
*Co-founder with Ann Wigmore of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Boston (22 years ago); Spend 7 years in developing
the HHI Live Food program the which has been adopted worldwide
*Author, best-seller health and lifestyle book Survival Into
21st Century" , 4 other books call 800-KYE-BOOK
*Nutritional and Educational Director for 2 years of Dick Gregory's Obesity & Substance Abuse resort.
Enzymatic weight loss programs, 1 to 2 pounds/day.
*Independent distributor : Super Blue Green Algae

"Victor has the ability to make our complicated body systems simple to understand . I knew about the food enzyme benefits for digestion but I had no idea how important they were to my immune system until i read Don't Dine Without Enzymes. Now I never forget to eat them."
Marta C. Kollman, Cell Tech President

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To Get the most value out of Super Enzymatic Foods as found in Don't Dine Without Enzymes, one can make additional progress by following the ...

Health is balance. To be healthy, work at incorporating all the health principles that produce balance. The following are some of the key elements that produce balance, health and happiness:
1) Exercise- not too much, not too little, find a
workable level of exercise for your constitution,
lifestyle, time of life, etc...
2) Drinking fluids- Whether it be from watery fruits or
drinking pure water. Varies with the seasons, activity levels, etc...
3) Get adequate rest. This is a big one for me and a health principle that many of my natural health colleagues
need to pay more attention to...
4) Positive mental attitude- the emerging medical science of psycho-immuno-neurology is proving what the
"wise ones" of old and today knew all along- the
body, mind and spirit are one...
5) Avoid environmental and household chemicals as
much as possible: This one's obvious- be careful
about power-lines, aluminum pots, long ingredient
labels on foods... read books on ecologically safe
home environments, etc...
6)Center your diet on natural foods, with an emphasis on raw greens and vegetables. Eat only when truly
hungry; chew your liquids and drink your solids (that
is, masticate all your foods very thoroughly), Bless
and be grateful for all that you have been given!
7. At the start of meals bless the meal and take 1 to 4
Aspergillus based plant enzymes, the amount will
vary depending on the potency of the enzymes and
the size of your meal and the type of food eaten.
8. If you have health problems, one can also take one
capsule of food enzymes between meals, one or more
times a day. Many people report that this helps
weight loss, allergies and increasing resistance to
9. At bedtime during the first month of your health
program, take a mild herbal laxative which contains
cascara Sagrata in an enzymatically active base. After the first month, use this laxative only as needed.
10. Super Blue Green Algae, at least twice a day. If you do not as yet have a sponsor, write me at my address.

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